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Lamb & Seafood Curry

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Lamb Korma (mild)

Lamb cooked in a thick cashew nuts gravy with cream

¥ 1,650

Lamb Do Piaza (spicy)

Lamb cooked in onion tomato gravy with diced onion

¥ 1,650

Keema Mushroom (spicy)

Minced lamb cooked with spices, herbs, green peas, and mushroom

¥ 1,650

Lamb Vindaloo (spicy)

Lamb cooked with rich spices and herbs in a spicy brown onion sauce

¥ 1,650

Saag Gosht (mild)

Lamb cooked with fresh spinach and herbs

¥ 1,650

Lamb Rogan Josh (mild/spicy)

Braised lamb chunks cooked with gravy based on browned onion, yogurt, spices and herbs

¥ 1,650

Mixed Seafood (spicy)

Prawn, fish, squid and vegetables cooked in a rich onion gravy

¥ 1,800

Prawn Lajabab (spicy)

King prawns cooked in fresh tomato, onions, garlic flavored sauce finished with fresh crème and butter

¥ 1,800

Prawn Masala (spicy)

King prawns cooked in creamy coconut flavored sauce with herbs and spices
¥ 1,800

Fish Masala (mild)

Fish cooked in mild coconut flavored braised onion sauce with herbs and spices

¥ 1,650

Fish Chili (spicy)

Fish cooked in onion, garlic, tomatoes, and fresh chilis with herbs and spices

¥ 1,650

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