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Vegetarian Chaat

Potatoes, tomato, cucumber, green chili, onions, and chickpeas mixed with chaat masala and lemon – served cold
¥ 1,100

Indian Salad

Slices of onion tomato carrot and cucumber sprinkled with Chaat masala and lemon juice

¥ 700

Chicken Chaat

Indian Style Chicken Salad) Juliennes of chicken mixed with apple, potatoes, tomato, cucumber, green chill, onions, spices, and herbs – served cold

¥ 1,200

Green Salad

Assortments of green vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, and lettuce mixed with chaat masala and dressing
¥ 800

Samosa (2pcs / 1pc)

Triangular shaped deep-fried spring roll stuffed with spicy potatoes, green peas, and herbs – served with mint sauce

¥ 800

¥ 400

Mixed Vegetable Pakora

Assortments of deep-fried vegetables. Served with mint sauce.

¥ 800

Onion Bhaji

Deep fried onion rings served with mint sauce

¥ 900

Bhindi Raita

Indian salad made with crispy okra mixed with whipped yogurt

¥ 800

Today’s Special Soup

Indian style soup

¥ 700


Yogurt salad
¥ 750

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